How to choose an electric wheelchair?

2023-03-19 15:30

How to choose an electric wheelchair?

Next is my personal summary of the requirements for purchasing an electric wheelchair. You can seat yourself according to your own needs.

1. Hardware

1) Motor

Motors are divided into brush motors and brushless motors. The biggest advantage of brushless is its silence, but the ones with brushes are more durable, have more power, and have lower maintenance costs than the ones without brushes.

A worm is better than a gearmotor. Smooth transmission, low noise, and longer service life.

For those with high climbing requirements or complex road conditions, it is recommended to equip a motor with a capacity of more than 500w, which has stronger power for climbing and crossing the ridge.


2) Controller

Domestic controller, too fast response, low safety factor, easy to break.

The imported ones, represented by the British PG, are mostly used for mid to high-end wheelchairs, which are significantly easier to use, smoother, and smoother than the domestic ones! And there is a delayed response setting, which is very important for the elderly! Due to aging and slow response, delayed response greatly increases safety.

For users who are delirious, it is recommended to install a rear controller and let the person behind operate it.

3) Battery

The biggest advantage of lithium batteries is that they are lightweight, customizable, and have a high endurance, with a high price;

Lead-acid batteries are too bulky, but with high safety and mileage, and low prices, the heavier the battery, the more durable it becomes.


2. Software

1) Frame

texture of material

Aluminum alloy frame is recommended, but should not be too light. If the car is light, it is easy to float and has poor resistance.

It is recommended that the optimal weight be around 25kg, such as the intelligent electric wheelchair of Guardian Shenjia, with a frame weight of 26kg, which meets safety requirements without being too cumbersome.

If the motor wattage is not high and the frame is light, there is a risk of rollover in more complex road conditions. Carbon fiber is the lightest in weight, but it is too expensive.

Some dimensions that need attention

If it is necessary to thicken the seat cushion, it is recommended that the seat height be less than 50cm, otherwise the center of gravity may be too high after heightening the seat cushion, which greatly increases the risk factor when descending steep slopes.

The height of the backrest must be above 40cm, as the backrest may become insufficient after the seat cushion is raised. High backrest ensures good support for the spine and head.

The above needs should be determined based on individual height.

Electric Wheelchair

Like this folding electric wheelchair, it is made of aluminum alloy, and its functions are as follows: aluminum alloy frame, surface spray plastic treatment, detachable armrest, adjustable width and height, wide Pu armrest pad; Removable footrest, high section plastic pedal, reversible, car seat, adjustable backrest angle, foldable, storage rack designed at the rear of the seat, capable of accommodating salutes up to 10 kg, and equipped with a fall arrest device

(2) Tyres

Because people in electric wheelchairs have full contact with the ground, they can choose pneumatic or solid tires based on road conditions.

Pneumatic tires provide better shock absorption, with the only drawback being the need for maintenance. The advantage of solid tires is that they are maintenance-free, while the disadvantage is that they have poor shock absorption effects. The cost of both is similar.

If the road conditions in the use environment are poor, then choose an inflatable tire, otherwise it will be very bumpy, and long-term use will cause damage to the lumbar spine, cervical spine, and knees!

If the wheelchair comes with a shock absorption system, it is certainly better to avoid most bumps.

3) Cushion

Cushion is very, very important for people who have no meat in their hips but need to sit in a wheelchair for a long time and drive on non asphalt roads!

"It's best not to buy something too cheap. I've bought it several times before, and I can only say that you get what you pay for, you know.".

"I think many high-end heavy-duty electric wheelchairs still quite like to be equipped with leather cushions, which look tall, but their practicality is really not high.". It's very hot after sitting for a long time in summer, and it's still fixed. It can't be folded or removed, nor is it convenient.

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