What are the differences between aluminum alloy wheelchairs and steel tube wheelchairs?

2023-03-19 13:30

Aluminum alloy and steel pipe refer to the material of the wheelchair. The aluminum alloy material is relatively light, but the strength is high. Surface oxidation or plastic treatment, enhance the corrosion resistance of metal, and extend the service life. The steel pipe is relatively heavy, which can be plasticized on the surface to enhance the corrosion resistance of metal.

The price of steel pipe wheelchairs is relatively low, and most of them are within 1,000 yuan. From the majority, the uphill road is more difficult, and it is more suitable for people who are not moving frequently and have limited economic conditions. If the environment is more humid, the steel pipe is also very easy to corrode and rust, and it is not convenient to recover and reuse after scrap.


The weight of aluminum alloy wheelchairs is only one -half of the steel pipe wheelchair. It is not easy to corrode and rust. It has a load of about 100kg. The inflatable tires and solid tires are available.

Most of the market on the market is made of aluminum alloy. Many people may think that the material of the steel pipe will be stronger than the aluminum alloy, but it is not the case. It is not only a bit and convenient for steel pipes, but also to a certain extent avoid the bulky characteristics of steel pipes.

Steel Wheelchair

The materials used in wheelchair frames mainly include steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. High -performance carbon fiber composite materials and magnesium alloy have not yet been widely used. The price of manual wheelchairs in the market generally depends on the material used in manual wheelchairs, and the price of lightweight wheelchairs is relatively higher. The quality of the steel wheelchair is as high as 25kg, and the mass of aluminum wheelchair is 11.25-13.5kg. The quality of titanium alloy chairs can be further reduced to 6.3-9kg, while the price of titanium alloy wheelchair is 3 to 5 times or even higher than that of steel wheelchairs.


Steel  for wheelchair

Steel is currently the most widely used material in wheelchair manufacturing. Steels used in wheelchair frames are mainly alloy steel, stainless steel and carbon structure steel. Although the technology of steel pipes with steel pipes is quite mature, through the optimization of ingredients, advanced thermal treatment and processing techniques, the wall of the steel pipe tube has achieved the ideal thickness under the premise of ensuring performance. The wall thickness of the steel pipe tube of the wheelchair frame is almost close to the limit. Under the higher lightweight requirements, the steel wheelchair is difficult to break through.


Titanium alloy for wheelchair

Titanium alloys are widely used in many fields such as aerospace, machinery, medical, energy, and other fields due to their lightweight, high strength, good toughness, good resistance to high and low temperatures, non-toxic, and good corrosion resistance. The specific strength of titanium alloys is higher than that of aluminum, and they do not undergo corrosion in general environments, requiring no additional anti-corrosion treatment. The main advantages of titanium wheelchairs are firmness, lightweight, comfort, aesthetics, and long service life. Titanium alloys are mainly used in sports wheelchairs in the wheelchair series, such as basketball wheelchairs and racing wheelchairs. Due to their high prices, their application in ordinary wheelchairs is limited. Currently, the application of titanium alloys in wheelchairs has no obvious advantage in the market due to high costs and high product prices. Only by reducing the cost of titanium alloy materials can it replace some of the current aluminum alloys.


Magnesium alloy for wheelchair

Magnesium alloy is currently the lightest commercial metal structural material in the world. Compared with other structural materials, magnesium alloys have a series of advantages: outstanding specific strength and stiffness; Good casting performance, suitable for high-pressure casting; Prominent fatigue memoryless; Good dynamic performance; Compared to metal components such as steel and aluminum, it has excellent vibration damping characteristics; Good machining performance; Easy to recycle. The main problem in manufacturing magnesium alloy wheelchairs is that magnesium alloy, as a structural material, has poor corrosion resistance. So there is basically no magnesium alloy wheelchair on the market at present.

 Aluminum Wheelchair

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